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About us

About us
Behind Beisik Products are an industrial designer from Biberist (canton of Solothurn) with thirty years of experience and an entrepreneur from Zurich. Two generations dedicated to understanding their customers` needs and solving them with simple solutions in the best possible way. 

We make beautiful everyday objects. For the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen – but this list is not exhaustive. Because we are constantly developing new products. You can find our assortment here

We develop and produce in Switzerland. That is important to us. We work with Swiss SMEs for intermediate products and production (the list of suppliers and partners can be found here).  Thus, the routes are close and high quality is guaranteed. 

The materials we use are of high quality. We guarantee a high processing quality and pay attention to sustainable production criteria.

Our Values

  • Cleverness: Our products fulfil their function. But that alone is not enough - not for you, not for us. We also make sure that they are easy to assemble and use. And look good at the same time.  
  • Aesthetics: The sleek forms combined with the carefully selected materials and surfaces are beautiful and elegant.
  • Simplicity: Beisik Products are distinguished by their straightforward design. They are noble, but radiate understatement.
  • Durability: We use high-quality materials and produce exclusively in Switzerland. Our intermediate products also come from the region. The result is high quality and a long service life.  

Others about us

  • «Space-saving, elegant and contributing to a good purpose: The extendable clothes rail is a reinterpretation of the classic folding hook. Developed by Beisik Products, the wardrobe is finished by Vebo, a social institution dedicated to the integration of people with health impairments... ». 
  • Wohnrevue 8/2019
  • «The clothes rail made of cherry wood nestles snugly against the wall. It unfolds almost like a pulley block, if you want to hang your jacket or a plant suitable for an Instagram photo shooting. The space-saving mechanism was developed by Beisik products, whereas “beisik” is derived from the English word `basic`... ». 
  • Hochparterre 6-7/2019
  • «If a designer from Biberist and a young entrepreneur from Zurich make common cause, in the case of Beisik Products, the result are quite nice, clever everyday objects... »
  • Savoir Vivre 1/2019
  • «If the wardrobe is already burstling-full and you need a space-saving solution for jackets, coats and scarves that you wear every day, then the clever clothes rail from the label Beisik Products label might do the trick for you... »
  • NZZ Bellevue May/2019
  • «...they want to design products that simply work flawlessly. The designers pay attention to short transport routes: wood and suppliers are from Switzerland, the fitters work for a social integration company in Oensingen.»
  • Hochparterre (online) May/2019
  • «Whether in the entrance hall, corridor or bedroom: The fold-out clothes rail made of cherry wood creates space even where hardly any is available. 179 Swiss Francs of Beisik, produced by Vebo, an institution for the reintegration of people with mental health problems.» 
  • Annabelle 11/2019
  • «It should be useful, valuable and simple, just «basic». Made with great care and of noble materials, 100 percent in Switzerland. The start-up relies also on VEBO for their success.» 
  • VEBO Impuls 3/2019