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11.02.2020 - On our own account: What does

On our own account: What does

We have been developing beautiful everyday objects since the beginning of 2018. And we test them thoroughly. Until everything fits as it should. And form and function mesh perfectly. Only then we launch the product. All the components are from Switzerland, of course. This is important to us. We take Swiss SMEs into account for primary products and production. So the distances are short and high quality is ensured.
We use only high-quality materials, guarantee high-quality workmanship and pay attention to sustainable production criteria. This is how our values ​​come about:

Cleverness: Our products fulfil their function. But that alone is not enough - not for you, not for us. We also make sure that they are easyto assemble and use. And look good at the same time.  

Aesthetics: The sleek forms combined with the carefully selected materials and surfaces are beautiful and elegant.

Simplicity: Beisik Products are distinguished by their straightforward design. They are noble, but radiate understatement.

•  Durability: We use high-quality materials and produce exclusively in Switzerland. Our intermediate products also come from the region. The result is high quality and a long service life.  

We started with a clothes rail made of cherry wood combined with steel sheet. A nutcracker soon followed. Thanks to its leverage, nuts stand no chance.
And soon there will be more. Our lamp is ready for serial production. A clothes rail with ceiling fixation is under development. Find out more here. Or on our social media channels.

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